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"What is time without you and who is the witness to everything?"
In and as an expression of your self, Sahaja Retreat gently taps you to Remain as You are. You are not chasing after awareness, you are the awareness. You are not that which comes and goes, you are a witness. The greatest healing as offered is to be free from thinking that what we are what we are not. Just be and drink from the fountain of love that flows constantly within you.
One overflows with that, which they feel rich with.

What lies between the hum of the forest
And the song of a river, cannot be told…
It can only be discovered
as your own intimate, natural self.

Salutations to the one and only formless, absolute Satguru within,
Who dwells in every breath, in every heart.
And whose timeless presence, nurtures and sustains
Every aspect of every sentient being.
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