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Yoga at Sahaja Retreat

First realise, recognise & confirm your natural joy- that which does not come from doing this or that. Then move the way that joy moves you, your natural self.
At Sahaja Retreat, there are no prescriptions for what one can learn or unlearn, for no one has ever harnessed truth. Awaking to your true nature by discovering freedom in its most authentic form is self-taught, self-learnt and motivated at best, by self solely. 
Spiritually speaking, our inner workings are all masterpieces. They are perfect as it is. It is no conundrum that at our very core being, we are consciousness. As a nurturing space to invoke your journey into self inquiry, Sahaja Retreat's effort is to nourish your presence; your being, to osmose a deeper sensibility of perception.
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Our elemental approach is to not leave any footprints on your consciousness but to subtly reinforce it. Find joy in creating your own path to Yog or discover a blend that sits right with your essential nature. We encourage your exploration of all the available tools for self- fulfilment and also share in with your loving guidance to carry out such work. 
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