A resting abode to channel a deep loving spiritual reconnaissance, Sahaja Retreat is that harbour which invites one to anchor their personhood for a while and engage in self-discovery. 

Spiritually touched fellow beings from every corner of the world who also yearn to move into the field of presence, can completely submerse themselves in Satsang. Invite a living introspection- in which respect you may come for your own self. 
Experience a familiarity with your higher sense of consciousness, an ode to ultimate freedom. Unearth an exploration of a life that does not merely atomise upon its end and is the utmost expression of your inner & outer being. The essence of which always resides within you, as You. 

" The mistake that we make is that we choose our Self personally, but we must choose him, we must choose our Self universally, you must be willing to be empty of you, who is full of delusion, so that there is space for he, who is true and real...Our real Self..." ~Mooji

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