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Camp Sahaja  Retreat

You are the fruit of this process
Surrounded in this tapestry of nourishing silence,

Connect the dots to yourself, or
Greet a shift in perspective.


You are only warming to the task of

meeting yourself.


And discover what you never lost.

About Sahaja Retreat

Sahaja Retreat is a riverside jungle retreat center, nestled on the flowing banks of river Huel, tributary to Ganges.


The humble yet inviting abode offers an experience of the diverse wild, beautiful landscapes, and a rich flora and fauna that defines the camp site.


Far from the noise, revoke your sense of inner adventure and rediscover the outer in a new light. 

The site is surrounded by Rajaji National Park on both sides, while hosting an abundant variety of Himalayan birds that can be seen on evenings at campsites and sometimes flying under the starlit sky or softly grazing  the silhouette of the mountains. The river ripples within the earshot as one finds a way to truly celebrate the outdoors by themselves.

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