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'Remain as You are...'

"You are the witness of time;
time does not witness you.
You are the unborn. There is no date of birth for you, there is no date of end for you.
You are like unbound space. There is neither death nor life for you. 
You are immaculate awareness.
There is neither high nor low for you. There is no inside or outside.
All these appear through the mind.
Mind itself is only ideas appearing in your own Self."

Manifest your revelations, reflect on it, marinate in it. Delight in contemplating Yourself.

Change is the only constant in the ever-flowing river of life. When viewed as the formless awareness, we are. Drop all your efforts of knowing of one's own self. Go beyond the constructs of the mind into the ever present space of pure being.
"Before the effort to be,
before the thought rises as You…and Me,
Sahaja… The Natural State of  Unborn, Unbroken, Effortless Self,
that which you can never, not be…"
That which identifies the yearning for freedom- Where is it?
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